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“We are an independent Pharmacy in Dearborn, MI. We carry all medications and a full line of vitamins and supplements. We offer free medication Delivery, free consultation, and free blood pressure and diabetes screening. We offer Flu Shots and compounding.” We realized that selecting the right pharmacist is as important as selecting the right doctor. Your pharmacist is your quarterback. A good pharmacist will let you know about potential side effects, a drug to drug interactions and the availability of generic options due to the high cost of prescription health insurance. Communication with you, your doctor, and the pharmacist is key to proper medication use. We are your Neighborhood Pharmacy and someone you can trust. We know that you have a choice of pharmacies in the area and appreciate your consideration in choosing Instacare Pharmacy. We thank our loyal customers since our beginning in 2015. We are confident that our programs will help us achieve our primary goal: the Health, well being and safety of our cherished community.

Your pharmacist is an important part of your healthcare team. If you have questions about your medicine after you leave the doctor’s office, the pharmacist can answer many of them. For example, a pharmacist can tell you how and when to take your medicine, whether a drug may change how another medicine you are taking works, and any side effects you might have. Also, the pharmacist can answer questions about over-the-counter medications


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